The UK’s leading EPoS and integrated payment
technology provider.

Consolis Systems is a leading provider of advanced electronic
point-of-sale technology integrated into payment systems.

Integration of the retailer’s key payment devices (till and card machine) speeds up and simplifies the whole payment process and is carefully targeted at independent retailers and hospitality owners to deliver a high performance, low cost package to solve the challenges of rapid check out and secure payment at the point of sale.

Consolis Systems offers a modern approach to EPoS, for example bundling a payment terminal with the X-10 touchscreen cash register to provide genuine cash saving benefits. The X-10 package offers:

  • A small footprint cash register with built-in printer, customer display and payment card reader.
  • One-time transaction entry across both devices ensures error reduction, faster customer service and massively improved reconciliation.
  • Supplied with a merchant services account with the world’s largest processor, the X-10 package is the complete payment acceptance solution.
  • Cloud back office provides remote access to product files and detailed reporting.

Consolis Systems has been delivering high quality point of sale technology integrated with payment solutions for nearly 20 years. The high quality of its solutions, coupled with its close after sales support and service policies have delighted over 30,000 customers during this period.

Contact Consolis Systems for further information on the X-10, Cloud-based Inno On Demand management reporting system and how your business can benefit from implementing solutions and systems from Consolis.

What do our customers think?

Since the Consolis system went live, we haven’t experienced any downtime at any of our sites – the stability is phenomenal. And now we have access to all reporting information – at our fingertips. We can now dig deeper into our sales data.
Peter Manuel,
Operations Manager, SOHO Coffee.

We have found that the flexibility and ease of the Consolis ‘Inno On Demand’ user interface means we can significantly speed up the time taken reviewing sales and booking in stock. This also has the added benefit of getting product onto the shop floor for our customers quicker whilst maintaining a high level of accuracy in the booking in and stock control process as well as reacting in real time to sales data’.
Andrew Walker,
Retail and Merchandise Manager at the
Doctor Who Experience.

‘We have been very impressed by the service provided by Consolis throughout the entire process, and we are delighted with what the x-10 till is achieving. It is making the day-to-day running of the easier, and gives us the ability to scale the operation up – should we chose to – at any stage.’
Stephen Carrick-Davies,
Senior Manager, Hill Station Café.

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